Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello Friends,

Don't let the complex name daunt you. This is the name of a festival that forms part of three in Trinidad, two of which are known to you already. Spend two minutes reading below. YOU WILL BE INTRIGUED.

May Cross or La Cruz de Mayo is a celebration of creation and the beauty that surrounds us. At this festivity exponents also pray for rain and a bounteous crop. This is done in various forms of Parang Music.

After the " Veille Croix " (Cross Wake in Patois) there is the " Corpus Christi " where we commemorate and consecrate the body of Christ. But there's something else that goes on here. Once the body of The Creator is consecrated by the faithful, they proceed to plant on that day.


Indigenous culture has crept in somewhere and what better time to plant in the " Body of God " than on such a day?

Did you get it?
That's right. The Earth is still in some instances considered the body of God. The giver of ALL life is the earth. So plant on that day when it's at the height of its power and you guarantee an incredible crop.

That's part two of our story.

The third is even easier for you: The Harvest and its marine equivalent, the Feast of St. Peter or Fisherman's Festival.
This is clear enough isn't it?

The First part is the Cruz de Mayo or in Trinidad, the Veille Croix.
The second is the Corpus Christi
and the third is the Harvest.

These three celebrations are inextricably bound.

So why have we not heard of the first until perhaps now?

Easy, Patois and Spanish were discouraged as languages in Trinidad at the turn of the 20th century and their accompanying cultures would have suffered the same fate had it not been for the valiant efforts of those that kept them alive.

The descendants and inheritors of this magnificent tradition have prepared a Festivity of the May Cross to delight you with many Parang performances and various other almost unknown but vibrant genres that belong to our Hispanic musical landscape.

We invite you to be part of this astoundingly beautiful festival of colour, music, cuisine and pure joy.


It's all happening on the 31st May at the Lopinot Historical Complex starting at 3pm.

What do you do?

You can join the procession. That's right. You can also sing the procession song along with the many students of the IVCC, local schools and the many Parranderos who will show you what true hospitality is like.
or if that's too much for you, just relax and enjoy.

How Much?

Nada, nothing...But We have craft and cuisine available so walk with yuh $$$.