Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tamana - The Origin of Life

Tamana Tepui is where the first Human Beings appeared after the sky god unleashed devastating torrents upon the Earth, destroying all living things and starting anew.

If this story intrigues you, you'll be blown away by the others.
Never has a mountain so fascinated me in my many years of traversing the innermost heart of the Forest. Many tales of spirits both divine and devilish revolve around this repose of life.
The Cave system at the foot of the hill is home to some 3 million bats of all varieties. They are known as the Guardians of the mountain. The mighty Silk Cottons which once adorned the summit were host to the Mawari Spirits. (photo 1)

You've been to this mountain before. You visited the caves and watched the bats fly out. And then, you return. Yeah, it's fun. And then?

There's much more.

There are stories to be told and you won't hear them, you will not feel the sense of wonder unless you're there.
I know I was seized with astonishment to hear of a place like that here, in Trinidad. Wouldn't you be?
Tamana - The Origin of Life

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