Friday, July 2, 2010

Three Waterfalls In North Trinidad

Watch this intriguing video of three incredible waterfalls - all accessible, all fun filled, all in Trinidad.

Why go to one of these?

I don't really know. I, like anybody else, might not articulate it very well. We just go to these places to escape. Reality maybe. The noise, the noisome people even.
No sirens, no loud annoying music from the car next to you nor the neighbours with no consideration for that matter.

Just you and the water.

And a little perspiration to get there.

Funny thing though. You don't miss the conveniences. Just for one little half day outside in the forest you can hear yourself think. Perhaps there is such a place after all.

And you are there. What an astounding discovery. What a place!

The water and you. The sound of purity and finally the return to your primitive soul.

Yup, I come here because I must. It is appointed to each one of us to go to a waterfall at least once in a life. That way we can bring back life to the spirit that was once sleeping...

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