Monday, July 19, 2010

We return to the Source

Never, never would this accursed Dam see the light of Day!
On that rain drenched morning a Priest looked on in horror as his soul was wrenched from him. He collapsed to the ground and so did the hopes of an entire community that their Church would be saved. The last stand took place between the Oracle and the agents of a new age.
With the destruction of the Sacred home of Santa Veronica, there was no joy, no hope.
The powers ushered an age of prosperity, an age that never came.
Families were torn from their ancestral lands and relocated to La Pastora, Morne La Croix, Acono and more significantly, to La Reconnaissance, now known as Lopinot.

They started a new life in a strange place. Some, whose spirits were broken, never stopped dreaming about the place where they were built and where their souls were taught to sing.
Others toiled and forged a new identity and future sundered from that hove where their stories would have been passed from mother to son.

Every year, the people of Lopinot make their pilgrimage to that hallowed earth where they once fought the powers and won.
The Dam was never built!
They kept their identity, traditions and culture.
They continue to love. We continue to love...

Now the invitation goes out to our kin in La Pastora, Acono and Morne la Croix. We gather again this year for a journey to the past. We intend to take home a memory and a celebration of triumph.

Join us. and so we meet our long lost brethren..
355 5649

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